In Santa Teresa we elaborate and trade 100% natural food products, of high quality and great value added

In 1860 a small artisan confectionery shop was born in Ávila, that, over time, it became known as La Flor de Castilla. This small family business, began to elaborate and market the authentic and original, Santa Teresa Egg Yolks. The recipe of this emblematic sweet has been transmitted identically from father to son for over 150 years and, nowadays, it´s still the main gastronomic reference of the city of Ávila.

In the late eighties, Julian Gil Navarro, current president of Santa Teresa and friend of the founding family, decided to get involved personally in the management of our century-old company. From that moment, the company took a new direction expanding its range of products with the incorporation of a high quality Quince in its offer.

This first bet, the Santa Teresa Quince, is today one of our most appreciated products throughout the national and international markets. It has been the origin of the creation of a wide variety of 100% natural products, aimed to a consumer who cares for his nutrition and his health, thus becoming into an innovative company that preserves quality and tradition.

In 2012, we began our journey in the international market and, currently, we market our products in more than 20 countries with Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, USA and Japan, as our main destinations. 

2015 was the year of the start-up of the Santa Teresa Shop Gastronomic Centers network that, currently, has nine stores between Ávila and Madrid.

Our most recent milestone, in 2018, it has been the inauguration of our new and modern facilities in Ávila, which have the latest manufacturing technologies to optimize processes, which allow us to continue making traditional products of the best quality.


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